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WI Seniors Think Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Medicare Plan is Nuts

“That guys nuts. He is crazy. They’re nuts. He’s a multi-millionaire and he doesn’t give a damn about us.”


Sarah Palin continues to suffer effects of Palin Hypocrisy Syndrome. Good thing she has free healthcare!

Currently Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are in a custody battle over their son Tripp. Several documents have been filed. First Bristol wanted full custody claiming that Levi might try to capitalize on their son and use him for publicity. She also requested that the entire case be sealed and the custody case to proceed in private. The judge denied that ruling. All documents are open to scrutiny especially when TMZ seems to get possession of them before they are even officially filed. But anyway.

Shortly after the attorney representing Bristol Palin in the custody battle filed those documents, Bristol and her mother Sarah Palin posed for In Touch magazine with both of their sons and Bristol discussed her life with Trip and of course Sarah reminded people she had a choice and chose to have her son Trig too. It should also be mentioned that this same attorney representing Bristol in the custody battle is also Sarah Palin’s personal attorney and the attorney for SarahPAC. Just as you guessed, he made a nice amount of money from SarahPAC in the last quarter of 2009. But I digress, on with the show.

They also made an appearance via satellite from their home in Alaska on the Oprah Show where Bristol made the vow to stay celibate until marriage. It was later learned that Oprah’s production company Harpo footed the bill for Bristol and Sarah’s hair and makeup for the appearance.

In case you don’t see where I’m going with this it seems the Palin family from Mom and Dad right down to the kids have a hypocrisy problem. Bristol once posed on the cover of People magazine in her cap and gown holding her son for a nice sum. Again we were told how tough it is having a baby and being a teenager, especially when when your parents are millionaires and you live at home, but they still expect you take care of the child by yourself.

Bristol’s attorney, most recently filed papers demanding $1,750 a month in child support from Levi Johnston. Attorney Van Flein is also requesting the judge subpoena any and every media outlet that her son’s father Levi might have done interviews with in order to verify his self-reported of income of around $100,000 for 2009. They are also requesting the judge to order Levi to supply Bristol’s attorney anytime he is going to be paid for anything he may do or say. Rumors have it Levi might be in the process of writing a book and Andrew Sullivan of The Atlantic seems to be waiting for it.

Interestingly enough Andrew Sullivan and Levi Johnston were both guests a few months back on Joy Behar’s new show on CNN. Andrew mentioned he had a conversation with Levi in the green room. Interestingly enough anytime Andrew reports on Sarah Palin, her son Trig, her use of him as a prop or her hypocrisy over the use of her children, he now ends each post with C’mon Levi Fight Back! Makes me wonder just what Andrew and Levi discussed. Joy’s discussion of Sarah Palin with Andrew Sullivan is worth watching and will your mouth hanging wide open in amazement.

So what else have we for the latest Palin Hypocrisy Tour? Remember how a while back and I’m sure more recently Mrs. Palin kept warning America that any government involvement in providing health care for Americans was nothing more than the governments way of getting rid of people like her son Trig and her parents? You know the evil Government Death Panels! Remember how she decried socialized healthcare. Remember we should not see it as the governments job to provide us with healthcare or take care of us at all. Remember?

I’m sure you also remember how she told us that we need to pull ourselves up and not allow the government to get involved in our lives. Remember don’t expect the government to take care of you? Well, seems the Palin family has no problem with the government in Alaska or the taxpayers to take care of her family. Now I know you’re shocked and you think you might not have read it correctly so I’ll say it this way…………….wait for it……………here it is again………The Palin Family all receive > > >FREE< < < healthcare.

How do we know that? Since filing her latest documents for the custody battle bloggers have been reviewing the documents. Shannyn Moore a liberal radio and television host in Alaska wrote on The Huffington Post that that Bristol Palin’s son Tripp Johnston is enrolled as a tribal member of the Curyung Tribe and receives health care services at the state of the art Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. It seems that Levi requested to have a certain dollar amount deducted each week from his pay to provide Tripp with healthcare, but Bristol and Sarah’s attorney responded that it wouldn’t be necessary due to his enrollment in the free program.

Why do they receive that care? Because Mrs. Palin’s husband Todd is 1/16th native. According to this document it makes not only Todd eligible but his spouse, his children, and now his grandchild. Of course they don’t have to take advantage of this free healthcare considering the millions coming in from the book, paid speeches, paid photo ops, paid magazine spreads, paid pose with Palin photos, etc. But the Palin family takes full advantage as their financial disclosure for 2009 shows.

You might have also noticed the first notation on line 1 for Permanent Fund Dividend of $19,614.00. That’s the combined total of > > >FREE< < < money each member of the Palin family received from the state of Alaska in 2009 thanks to former Governor um, uh, Sarah Palin. So even the youngest in the family little Trip received $3,269.00 just because. Yes each citizen of Alaska gets a big old fat socialist check from the government every year. Alaska also receives more federal dollars in earmarks than any other state.

So we can just add this to the growing list of Palin Hypocrisy Syndrome.

To read more about Todd Palin’s native heritage and his involvement in Native issues HERE. It looks like Todd is suffering symptoms too.

I wonder what will be coming down the pike next.

Healthcare Bill Passes Despite GOP Anarchy and Hatriotism

Huffington Post is reporting that the healthcare bill has passed and we have video.

It will certainly cause the GOP to completely lose their minds. I would expect we’ll see some running through the streets screaming and hollering ‘Save yourself, save yourself……healthcare for all is coming…….the government is trying to kill us all’.

Especially after the hysterical, childish, anti-American, treasonous temper tantrums the GOP have engaged in over the last week.

Can you imagine the behind closed doors conversations in the GOP offices over the last few months and weeks?

Alright guys, quiet down, quiet down, we got to come up with a plan to stop that damn Obama and Pelosi. We got to come up with something real good to show them. So here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

We’re going to organize a rally against this healthcare plan, but call it a press conference. We’ll secretly send out memos to the same people who came to those teabag rallies. We’ll tell them what to say, how to dress, what signs to bring, and last but not least that they can hop on the grassroots bus that will bring them to DC.


Copyright Mike Flugennok

We have to remember not to let the press find out that the buses will really be provided by Freedom Works and not really a grassroots movements. Right now we got them thinking when they get on that bus that a group of people just like them are the ones providing the buses. Of course we don’t want them knowing that the health care they purchase for is isn’t much different than this healthcare bill. We got to make sure nobody lets that slip. We’ll just get their white behinds up here to DC, tell them it’s a press conference, then stand up here touting as many lies, racist statements and misunderstood historical facts as we can.

We’ll get ’em all worked up, confused, angry and they’ll never know the difference. Then once we’ve got ’em all worked up we remind them it’s their right to be threatening, intimidating and confrontational with Congress and Senate members if need be. We’ll tell them its ok if they threaten members of Congress, it is their god given right, right?

If that won’t work then hell we’ll wait till it’s their turn on the floor. Then when those damn liberal women get their self righteous behinds up there and try to give their point of view on the healthcare issue, we’ll do what’s right, we’ll shout ’em down. Yeah, that’s it, we’ll shout ’em down. We’re the men after all. It’s the right thing to do. Our base and our campaign donors want us to holler and scream and drown them out. They don’t want want to hear them standing there telling everyone what really goes on. Who do these liberal broads think they are anyway and why do they think anyone want to hear what they have to say? We’re here for us damnit, not these stupid voters they don’t know the damn difference anyway. We’ve always been able to confuse the stupid ones with our shouting and lies; we’ll just do the same to these broads.

We do have a couple broads of our one. Not too bright, but one looks real pretty and the other one isn’t so bad either. That pretty one, she’ll do just about anything to keep her name in the press, make some cash and sell some of her books. We hear she has a speech coming in Wisconsin to a bunch of those pro-lifers so we’ll slip her some suggestions and remind her if she doesn’t use some of our words and theories, we’ll eat her alive. She’s a good girl, does as she’s told and carries our message we might throw her a bone, but only till we get this back in our control. Otherwise we’ll remind her what we know about that family of hers.

The other one, well she’s already got the grassroots press conference rally protest thing organized for us and she’s been real good about keeping her name in the press and making those liberals sound as crazy as ever. She might sound crazy too but who cares, we don’t need her anyway. She can be replaced. Better off with a good ‘ol boy in her seat anyway. She was real good with the Americorp stuff though, well till her son joined but the ones we count on voting for us probably weren’t paying attention and don’t know about it anyway. And she has been as good as the pretty one at telling folks how the government wants to kill them by giving them all this damn healthcare. That’s what is most important now. We can not let our base and the hatriots know or understand that this healthcare plan is good for our country.

Either way, both these broads have been great. They get to stir up all the controversy, go after those liberals, while we look like we’re actually doing something to help. We look like we’re on their side, while those two look like they’re getting in the way. Either way people will hear them and wonder. It works about pretty good for us boys. If they end up looking nuts and lose their ass, what do we care? These broads are a dime a dozen. Not a problem sacrificing these broads, who the hell wants chicks invading on our good times anyway? Next thing ya know they’ll think they can hang out on C-Street with us.

We’ll have to find bigger lies and fight even harder against every single bill that comes before us that does anything to improve the lives of Americans. You hear that boys? We must do everything in our power to stop the Obama administration from doing anything that might make their lives better. That would be the end all of end all if they get the chance to see all the things he’s got up his sleeve to make their lives better. We don’t have what it takes fellas and frankly it’s too much work to make their lives better and sure as hell won’t make the good ‘ol boys club or corporate America happy with us boys and we can not, must not let that happen.

Alright boys, I think we’ll call her a night. Now let’s get out there tomorrow and do our best to defeat America. Hooraw!

Yes I would imagine that is exactly how it’s been going. I do believe many more Americans also know that the conversations of the GOP have sounded quite familiar since Obama has taken office, no matter what the subject. We are catching on and those that once called themselves Republican are catching on. Maybe one day the GOP will catch on too.

Until then all that matters is we get the healthcare reform we need and that America keeps moving forward despite the GOP’s best efforts to hold us back. whoops

But, imagine the upcoming conversations……………

“What now boys? I know, let’s hold up any more funding for unemployment benefits, ya know we just let them have some more time, so we’ve got the right to hold it up if they need more.

Yeah, and we can also go after any kind of immigration reform, or education funding, or stuff revolving around those gays. Biggest thing we can tear down is that crazy climate change stuff. Like we’re gonna spend money on something we might not even live to see. What does it matter to us, huh boys?”

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