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Wisconsin Senator Scott Fiztgerald Lets The Cat Out of The Bag AGAIN!

First he screwed up by telling Fox News host Meghan Kelly the core reason the WI GOP is so hell bent on robbing families and eliminating Worker’s rights. Which then led to the super rush to quickly pass the bill in a way that didn’t require a quorum since the 14 Democratic senators were staying in Illinois to deny the very quorum they needed.

That bill however has now been blocked by a WI judge because the GOP violated Wisconsin’s open meetings law and will most likely end up in the state Supreme Court. On April 5th Wisconsin goes to the polls to elect a state Supreme Court Judge. It’s down to GOP backed David Prosser who is pledging to stand behind the GOP and JoAnne Kloppenburg who has pledge to stand with the law. In just this past week two of Prosser’s long time supporters and campaign operatives have pulled out oof his campaign to endorse Kloppenburg.

What did Fitzgerald slip up and admit to Meghan? That taking away collective bargaining rights and busting up unions is really about trying to defund President Obama’s campaign for re-election. You see these delusional self serving, lying, manipulative, affair having, non-living in their districts, girlfriend hiring GOP in Wisconsin really think they can destroy Obama by eliminating union-dues which many times are used to support political candidates.

FITZGERALD: Well if they flip the state senate, which is obviously their goal with eight recalls going on right now, they can take control of the labor unions.

    If we win this battle, and the money is not there under the auspices of the unions, certainly what you’re going to find is President Obama is going to have a much difficult, much more difficult time getting elected and winning the state of Wisconsin.

Tomorrow voters go to the polls. But, true to Fitzgerald form Scott just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He assured everyone attending the same event he did yesterday knew that Prosser would take care of them. Kloppenburg will take care of following the law.

“If Prosser Wins all of Walker’s bills go into effect. If Kloppenburg wins everything will be blocked and we are dead.”

Check back later for a post on one of Wisconsin’s new state employees. Hired by Scott Walker, paid for by his father.


Donald Trump’s Birth Certificate: What’s The Donald Hiding?

I was originally going to ignore this story. I really don’t believe this blowhard has any desire to be President, but he does have a show on TV right now so I guess he’s following the Sarah Palin plan of constant self promotion. Although in Mrs. Palin’s case it isn’t turning out the way she planned.

So this serial filer for bankruptcy has been running around the country letting everyone know he’s ‘suddenly’ concerned that President Obama was not born in this country. Even more ludicrous this fraud claims Obama has never, ever provided the document for the public.

Well first Donald is telling a blatant lie. The President’s birth certificate has been available for the public since 2007 when he got into the race for the position. As you can see from Fact Check.org who actually saw, touched, felt and reviewed the Certificate the President provided.

Picture of the raised seal on President Obama's birtch certificate

“It’s inconceivable that, after four years of questioning, the president still hasn’t produced his birth certificate,” Trump told Newsmax. “I’m just asking President Obama to show the public his birth certificate. Why’s he making an issue out of this?” To prove how easy it was for a household employee to find his birth certificate, Trump, 64, crowed, “It took me one hour to get my birth certificate.”

Yet apparently whatever Donald was able to obtain isn’t an official birth certificate issued by the NY City Dept of Health. Instead he provided a certificate of birth from a hospital in NY.

From the Smoking Gun:

As seen above, he provided the conservative web site with what he purports to be his birth certificate.

Except the document is not an official New York City birth certificate, but rather a document generated by Jamaica Hospital, where Trump’s mother Mary reportedly gave birth in June 1946. Official birth certificates are issued (and maintained) by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Office of Vital Records.

So, what is Trump trying to conceal?

On a possibly related note, Jamaica Hospital has been the recipient of significant financial largest from the Trump family. In fact, the Queens institution includes the Trump Pavilion, a nursing and rehabilitation facility that was named for Mary Trump.

What Donald Trump claims is his 'official' birth certificate

So The Donald provided a conservative website this as his official certificate of birth. If Trump thinks this passes the smell test he’s been firing the wrong guy because he obviously isn’t wise enough to realize this is a certificate of birth. You know kind of like the same type of certificate you’d receive fro being in the Boy Scouts.

This should also be noted too while we’re at it:
“Trump’s mother, it should be noted, was born in Scotland, which is not part of the United States. His plane is registered in the Bahamas, also a foreign country. This fact pattern — along with the wave of new questions surrounding what he claims is a birth certificate — raises serious questions about his eligibility to serve as President of the United States.”

Nothing official here Donald. Try again.

The GOP’s War on The Middle Class, Families and Seniors

During the last election cycle the Republican party again ran on the same old platform. Less Government, lower taxes(for the top 2%), lower deficit, less spending and the claim that only they can create jobs and solve the economic crisis crippling so many Americans. Their opponents were drowned out by the repeated and often wholly dishonest commercials paid for by their new corporate sponsors courtesy of the Supreme Court. What has the GOP spent it’s time on since taking over the house in November?

Well let’s see……….Speaker John Boehner thrilled house Republicans by bringing styrofoam back the Congressional cafeteria and eliminated the use of the bio-degradable products that were in place before. Oh and they’ve spent $1.1 million dollars and an entire week taking turns reading the Constitution aloud for new members.

They’ve called Emergency sessions to de-fund things like National Public Radio.

They’ve secretly been planning a war on the elderly and neediest in our society to pay for the breaks given to the banks, wall street and corporate America. They’ve held numerous press conferences repeatedly telling Americans they are going to have to work longer, give up Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid because the debt is just too high.

Yet at the same time Oil Companies were again rewarded with another tax break hidden inside a ‘transportation’ bill. They’ve also spent their time introducing a bill requiring the Internal Revenue Service to police how Americans have paid for their abortions.

All of this in an effort to keep the scale balanced as it has been over the last ten years so the Top 1% can control 42% of our country’s financial wealth.

They’ve demanded cuts to theWomen, Infants and Children Health and Nutrition (WIC) program by $750 million and Head Start by $1 billion.

Also cutting $50 million from a block grant that pays for prenatal healthcare for 2.5 million low-income women and healthcare for 31 million children each year and dedicated countless hours declaring war on women and children by defunding Planned Parenthood and cutting pregnancy prevention funding by 317 million. This is your Pro-Life GOP America.

A recent chart compiled from IRS and Tax Foundation data suggests the rich have been paying fewer taxes as compared to the middle class for over 20 years.

They want 30% cut to the EPA including $1.4 billion from clean water and drinking water and $1.3 billion cut from community health centers taking away primary care from 11 million patients.

Now about those jobs they’ve been working to create with things like eliminating $1 billion in funding for high-speed rail.
How about adding jobs with a cut of $786 million to invest in renewable energy and alternative energy resources.

All when Americans are again footing the bill with enormous gas prices due to Wall Street’s endless speculation game.

Meanwhile always talk of more war, meaning more money for the billionaires and corporations that have been profiting by billions from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While having the nerve to demand tax cuts for their wealthy financiers while attempting to frame as cut for all and an increase on the wealthy as an increase on the little guy. The don’t need our help anymore America.

They’ve made their largest profits in the last 18 years in 2010 when just two years earlier former President George W. Bush insisted Americans had to bail out the banks to save themselves. Well, when do WE, the workers get a bail out?

So no jobs have been created, no talk of how these cuts could possibly create jobs, Americans will expected to work longer, give up their retirement, go without health-care, pay enormous gas prices and somehow we’ll all be better off?

It’s a desperate attempt to cripple Americans leaving them strapped for money, angry, desperate and ready for a change. You see they think we’re stupid. They think we won’t notice who it really is that is sticking the knife in their side. They’re desperately counting on us to ignore what they’re up to and accept this is just what it is. They expect we’ll get angry at the guy in the White House and decide to vote him out in 2012. They expect us to roll over and ignore the attack on the middle class, women, children, the elderly and the most in need. They think we’re too stupid to know what they’re up to.

But America is catching on. In several states they are now faced with newly elected, corporate funded Republican governors hell bent and financially obligated to bring the war on Americans right to our front door. States like Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and countless others have introduced budgets that eliminate many of the same thing the GOP in D.C. is attempting to dismantle. Many going as far as to attempt to end bargaining rights for the very public servants that maintain our society.

Teachers, Firefighters, Police Officers and countless other public employees are under attack in this country. Accused of being free loaders, lazy, slobs, greedy and anything else the GOP talking points may be. Millionaire Rush Limbaugh even called them ‘whiny’ for caring about their rights and fighting for their jobs.

So there you have it folks, the corporations continue to reap huge profits, get big breaks, tax cuts or in some cases pay no tax at all and it’s now up the middle class to carry the burden of running this country.

Within an hour, the rally spontaneously turned into march. Despite lacking a permit or any prior planning, as many as 1,000 people walked the four blocks to the White House--in the middle of the street. From White House, it was onto the Chamber of Commerce building, which is across from the White House on Lafayette Square.

Americans are beginning to fight back. This isn’t your corporate funded tea-party this is a real movement regardless of party of choice or who they voted for.

Protests have popped all across the country in response to the GOP’s continued assault on education, health-care, women, children and the elderly. After weeks of protests against Governor Scott Walker’s mission to destroy collective bargaining in their state, protesters led by Firefighters have begun withdrawing their money from Madison’s M&I Bank upon discovering the bank took bailout funds which it then used to donate to Walker’s campaign for Governor.

Wisconsin resident Jeff Skiles, the co-pilot in the famous “Miracle on the Hudson” landing removed his money from the bank as well. When folks in the Washington D.C. area learned Walker and the WI Senate Republicans were to be awarded at a big D.C. fundraiser hosted by corporate lobbyists for recently ramming through a bill to end bargaining rights for state employees, they came out in droves. The protesters seized the lobby of the building then later marched to The Chamber of Commerce. As of Friday Mach 18th a judge in WI has issued a temporary restraining order against Walker’s bill while determining if the laws were broken in the passing of the bill.

For more information on the GOP class war peruse some of the items below or check out these pages on Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan. Check back soon for more on the other states battling the attack.

This Is What Class War Looks Like: A National Campaign, State by State
The wealthiest 5% of Americans control 72% of America’s financial wealth. The bottom 80% control only 7% of the nation’s financial wealth. The richest 400 Americans have more combined wealth than the poorer HALF of all Americans. That means 400 people have more wealth than 150,000,000 people combined. American corporations saw record profits in 2010. Nearly 80% of all economic gains made in the past thirty years have gone to the richest 1%. In the 1970s, the average CEO made 30 times what an hourly worker made. Today, a CEO makes 300 times what an hourly worker makes.

Meanwhile, unemployment remains around 9%. Underemployment is much higher. Wages are stagnant. The cost of necessities like food, gas and healthcare are soaring.

If you were among the beneficiaries of this trend, if you had more financial wealth than 375,000 of your fellow citizens combined, if you made 300 times what one of your hard-working, middle class employees made, and if you saw the everyday struggle that middle-class and working class families go through, and if you were a humane, reasonable human being, your heart would go out to them. You could conclude that it was time to share the wealth. You would conclude that you are not worth more than three hundred of the people whose blood, sweat and tears really make your company successful. No humane, sane, reasonable and compassionate human being could honestly believe they were worth that much more than a fellow American.

Certainly no one who believes that “all men are created equal” could believe such a thing.

Wall Street Front Group President Sneers At Protesters
On Friday, two dozen protesters gathered outside of an event for the St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association, where U.S. Chamber of Commerce president Tom Donohue gave a lunchtime presentation about the economy.
U.S. Chamber operated as a front group for banks like J.P. Morgan and Bank of America to kill Wall Street reform.
The local CBS affiliate in St. Louis noted that, while Donohue gave a speech demanding more deregulation of the economy, the protesters outside called for better government oversight of Wall Street.

Asked about the massive protests against Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), Donohue said that public servants have “over bloated” compensation:

Donohue turned truculent when asked whether events in Wisconsin are weakening unions and the right of workers to collective bargaining. [….] He went on to express his concerns that public sector pensions are “out of control” and that public workers compensation is “over bloated.”

Entitlements and interest payments will equal total government revenue in a little more than 10 years. Meanwhile, cuts to non-security discretionary spending are occurring in a part of the budget with practically zero projected growth as a share of GDP.

Who’s Waging Class Warfare Now?
Why is it that class warfare is only something middle-class liberals are accused of waging?

How can Republicans get away with this when they are so much more effective at actually waging class warfare than the Democrats? How is giving a $400 billion tax break to the top 2% of American incomes and then cutting $60 billion from programs that benefit the poor not class warfare?

Busting middle-class unions in the midwest. Cutting federal programs that primarily benefit the nation’s poor. Refusing to restore reasonable tax rates on the wealthiest two percent of Americans. Those actions sound like class warfare to me?

Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers, and a number of other billionaires are bankrolling the Republican assault on America’s middle and working classes. When members of the wealthy class use their power and resources to inflict damaging policies on the less wealthy, that’s class warfare that has real impact.

If we hadn’t given tax breaks to the rich for the past 10 years while at the same time doubling “defense” spending, we would not have a budget “crisis” now. Those are facts that cannot be denied by the charged rhetoric of class warfare.

“Reduce capital gains tax rates? — That’s the war cry of the rich in the class war.”
That’s what we should say every time anyone advocates a lower capital gains tax. So far, conservatives have almost monopolized the “class war” meme. Rubbish. They get away with it partly because “capital gains tax” is an arcane enough concept that it makes most people’s eyes glaze over. One of the best tests of whether someone is rich is whether or not he perks up when he hears those words: “capital gains tax”.

Why is that? Because really rich people make most of their money as capital gains. Some of that happens because of gimmicks — tax shelters — that dress up regular income so it gets taxed as capital gains. But a lot, perhaps most of it, is because the usual way to get really rich is to own something that becomes fantastically valuable — something like Microsoft, or the mineral rights to an oil field. It’s perfectly fair to call the increase in value of an asset like that capital gain.

What’s not necessarily fair is to tax that kind of income at a fraction of what you pay on income earned from the sweat of your brow.

Some in GOP grow tired of right wing
Many of the critics are close to Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who struggles more each day to keep his majority unified as a three-month spending showdown threatens to spill into April. The House passed $6 billion of spending cuts Tuesday, to bring the total cut to $10 billion.

“Yep, it is surprising,” Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson said of the difficulty convincing hard-liners that the leadership is cutting large amounts of spending. “I mean, this is three weeks; we’re cutting $6 billion. You know? It is surprising. This is the only time in my life where I can cut $6 billion in a three-week period and be called a liberal.”

Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette, an appropriator close to Boehner, said Republicans are seeing a “constant tension” between “the Democratic Party that talks about cuts but doesn’t want to cut anything, and then you have my side, that wants to cut anything that moves.

“That creates this dynamic tension, and you have people in my party that are angry that we are not adding riders, or shutting down the government, things like that, but this is exactly what people expect us to do — find cuts and continue to talk,” LaTourette said.

Other Republicans are quietly complaining that a few bombastic members of their conference who regularly appear on TV create an outsize perception of pressure.

The GOP claims the government is broke; False Motives
In Wisconsin, the Republicans are trying to bust the public service unions, while in Washington they have their sights on bigger game. Using these scare tactics, congressional Republicans want to roll back 80 years of social programs intended to provide a social safety net beneath our capitalist economy. But more than a safety net, these programs are part of our social infrastructure: environmental protection laws, Head Start programs for underprivileged children, Pell grants to send young Americans to college, programs to hire and equip police officers, NPR and the National Endowment for the Arts, national parks, and scores of other programs.

One target offers a particularly vivid example of the GOP scorched-earth policy. The Republicans have hated Planned Parenthood for decades, branding it “America’s largest abortion provider” even though it uses no federal funds to provide that medical procedure. Last month the GOP budget-cutters voted overwhelmingly to eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood, including its contraception, cancer screening, sex education, and prenatal care programs. Writing at Salon, Rebecca Traister described the GOP war on Planned Parenthood this way: “But this isn’t simply about the question of abortion itself. What … the House of Representatives did today was devalue women’s lives, women’s rights, and women’s ability to participate fully in the democracy.”

Fat Cat CEOs And Their Conservative Servants
In the fight for capital investment, CEOs invest in themselves rather than their companies. No wonder there is a major disparity of income. The workers on the factory floor take pay cuts and furloughs; CEOS take that savings and put it in their pockets.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal,;

CEO bonuses at 50 major corporations jumped a median of 30.5%, the biggest gain in at least three years, according to a study of the first batch of corporate CEO pay disclosures by consulting firm Hay Group for The Wall Street Journal.

When we speak to conservatives, they will tell you that those tax breaks create jobs. They will tell you that the “savings” in taxes will be used to hire more people, build new factories, buy more supplies or increase the pay of existing workers.

It seems to me that the CEOs are taking those tax breaks and shoving them in their own pockets. Profits in corporate America are at an 18 year high, yet many working class people are taking pay cuts. The Republicans do not talk about the disparity of income in this country, because they don’t care about it. In fact, it is their policies that have caused it.

Republicans Set Out To Impoverish Real America Though Shared Sacrifice
Americans are beginning to understand that Republicans want everyone to share in the sacrifices except the wealthy and corporations. Conservatives traditionally force minorities to make sacrifices, but they have broadened the scope to include the poor, elderly, children, and now working-class families in an effort to spread the pain evenly. For one thing, sacrifice means giving something up voluntarily and sharing denotes all parties giving equally. Republicans are forcing 98% of Americans to give up services their tax dollars pay for, but they are not asking the wealthy or corporations to make any sacrifices whatsoever.

In Congress, Republicans are finding it difficult to force Americans to sacrifice for corporations and the wealthy because the Senate and White House are controlled by Democrats. In Republican controlled states though, governors and legislatures are forcing the masses to sacrifice everything to ensure corporations receive all the tax dollars and control of the government. Republicans are not using subterfuge and deceit to hand over control to corporations, and in many cases, Republican governors are flaunting the fact that they are giving corporations a free ride while forcing everyone else to make bigger sacrifices.

In many Republican controlled states that are facing budget deficits, governors have proposed funding cuts to education, law enforcement, and aid programs for the poor and elderly in an effort to reduce budget shortfalls. The same states are experiencing depressed tax revenues so they increased taxes on the poor, retirees, public employees, and the middle class. With all the spending cuts, added tax revenue, and shared sacrifice by 98% of the population, states should be on the road to recovery, but any savings or added revenue is being doled out to corporations to perpetuate the shortfalls. To add insult to injury, Republicans argue that the spending cuts, elimination of services, and corporate entitlements will create jobs as they lay off thousands of employees.

WI GOP candidate for Senator speechless and apathetic when asked of his plans to create jobs in his state

Needless to say,the very next day the Green Bay Gazette gave nothing short of a full on hearty endorsement to Russ Feingold.

Feingold has a solid jobs plan and detailed, specific proposals for controlling spending and reducing the federal deficit. He is a leading proponent of the pay as you go principle that says government should not cut taxes or add entitlement spending without paying for it elsewhere, and he has joined with Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Janesville, in an effort to reduce pork-barrel spending in Washington.

Feingold’s opponent, Oshkosh businessman and political newcomer Ron Johnson, also has voiced his support for spending controls and fiscal responsibility in Washington. His plan for righting the U.S. economy, however, comes across as one-note: establish a hard spending cap, reduce government interference and allow businesses to flourish.

These are principles with which we agree; however, Johnson seemed unable to further articulate his plan for job creation — especially for the middle class — during a recent meeting with the Green Bay Press-Gazette editorial board. Basic principles of restraint are one thing; a detailed proposal to spur job creation and get our economy moving is another.

…We think that with time, Johnson could become a viable candidate for national office — but as things stand now, he needs more time to develop and articulate his positions on a range of issues from jobs to foreign policy.

What’s especially note worthy, is that this major northern Wisconsin paper had endorsed Feingold’s LAST THREE OPPONENTS.

Sarah Palin bankrupts campaign with demands for private jets and hotel suites

Once upon a time good old fiscal conservative and mama grizzly travel to Georgia to endorse and campaign for the woman seeking to be the GOP candidate for Georgia’s next Governor. Well that woman Karen Handel lost her bid to be the state’s GOP nominee, but the race wasn’t all she lost.

While there was speculation from the very beginning if an endorsement from Sarah Palin would help or hurt the candidate, Palin came to Georgia anyway.

What Karen Handel’s supporters didn’t realize at the time was the good money they donated to her campaign would be used to put Sarah Palin and her family in luxury hotel suites and cruising around in private jets funded by their donations.

Certainly neither Karen or her supporters realized at the time that not only would Mrs. Palin’s visit to Georgia not provide the boost her campaign needed but that it would also bleed that campaign dry. But that is exactly what happened and Handel is said to now be $28,000 in the whole thanks to Sarah Palin.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Karen Handel, the former secretary of state whom Deal beat in the Aug. 10 Republican runoff, spent more than $100,000 to bring Sarah Palin to town to campaign on her behalf.

But it came at a high cost. Handel’s campaign spent more than $100,000 for the visit by Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate.

Handel’s campaign paid an Ohio jet charter service nearly $92,000 and her latest campaign finance report shows it was for the Palin event. Handel also paid an additional $13,000 in expenses to the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead for the event.

Handel’s quarterly report shows her campaign committee to be $28,000 in debt, with another $55,000 in outstanding expenses.

Russ Feingold Knocks rival Ron Johnson in Debate No. 2

On Monday October 11th Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) and Republican challenger Ron Johnson squared off in another debate. The only problem was that it wasn’t televised for all of Wisconsin too see. Had most been able to see the debate they would have been reminded again as to why they’ve asked Russ Feingold to represent their interests in D.C. for so long.

First from Uppity Wisconsin:

If you missed it, just put a clothes pin on you tongue, ask anyone to ask you question and right as you open your mouth to answer, have them hit you over the head with two bowling pins– that would be a close facsimile of Ron Johnson’s performance Monday night.

The format was actually a debate and the questions were great.

Johnson tried to stick to his moronic pull-string answers, but it became clear to everyone watching or listening that this was all Johnson had by the halfway point of the debate.

One memorable (and loaded) question was aimed toward Johnson and went something along the lines of, “Isn’t your favorite book, Atlas Shrugged, a rich person’s fantasy that thinks of poor people as nothing more than parasites and isn’t Ayn Rand’s central premise selfishness?” Johnson reached to the back of his head, pulled the string and answered, “Well… you see… Atlas… represents the producers (like me) and he is shrugging because he is tired of dealing with all the regulations and taxes.”

Typical of the evening, Feingold responded that “the only people shrugging are the lower 99% percent, because you guys in the top 1% keep screwing us over.” OK, not an exact quote — but Feingold did start of his response that way and that was the jist of what he was saying.

Another memorable moment was when the moderator asked about bipartisanship and getting things done and Johnson made a complete ass of himself by perking up and saying, “well… ACTUALLY… the last ten years I’ve been involved in all kinds of BOARDS and COUNCILS in Oshkosh and I’ve really learned to work with people and get things done.” I expected him to compare his organizing of the Oshkosh Catholic Schools bake sale to McCain-Feingold. What a jack ass.

Feingold should just buy an hour of air time on the Monday night before the election so all of Wisconson see what a bafoon they would be getting if they elected Johnson.

As one of the co-authors and sponsors of the The McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law it was no surprise that Feingold would bring up the enormous amounts of money being dumped in WI by secret groups on behalf of the virtually unknownin his hometown factory owner inheriter Ron Johnson.

From Milwaukee’s TMJ4:

Feingold, who is seeking his fourth term, issued his challenge during the candidates’ second debate in four days. Recent polls suggest Johnson has a slight lead.

Johnson said he hasn’t objected to third-party attack ads in his favor because the groups behind them have a right to free speech. He also said he has no control over the groups.

A better solution, he said, is “total transparency on the Internet,” where donors’ names could be listed for everyone to see.

The exchange came in response to a question about a Supreme Court ruling this year that made it easier for corporations and unions to spend money in elections.

“Easily one of the worst decisions in the history of the Supreme Court,” Feingold said. It allows outside groups with no accountability to exert dangerous influence on Wisconsin’s race, he said.

In a spirited exchange, Feingold repeatedly called on Johnson to demand that the groups disclose who their donors are. After continuing to insist that nothing he said would matter, Johnson eventually shrugged and said, “Disclose.”

A number of ads have run on Wisconsin television accusing Feingold of supporting expensive bills that have run the government deeper into debt. One was from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a group that Democrats allege — with no evidence — is financed through foreign funds.

Johnson told reporters afterward that Feingold is himself the beneficiary of third-party fundraising, such as the left-leaning MoveOn.org and labor unions.

“Sure, disclose who your donors are (too),” Johnson said.

During the hourlong debate, Johnson added more substance to his criticisms of health care reform. He has previously said the main reason he’s running for office is to repeal the law.

A panelist asked how Johnson could justify repealing aspects of the bill that are widely seen as popular, such as the idea that insurance companies can no longer deny coverage on the basis of pre-existing conditions.

“The individual problems with health care could have been addressed with individual bills,” he said. That would have eliminated the more costly and unnecessary parts of the measure, he said.

Feingold said Congress did try to pass smaller bills but the insurance industry kept killing them.

Johnson allowed himself some wiggle room on the issue of Social Security. He has repeatedly said he opposes privatization but that all options are on the table.

On Monday he said he’d take two options off the table: a “job-killing payroll tax increase” and forcing privatization on anyone.

Johnson attacked Feingold over the senator’s support of the economic stimulus bill. Johnson, who runs a 120-person plastics company in Oshkosh, said jobs are created by small businesses like his, not through government programs.

Feingold countered that the bill led to tax cuts for 95 percent of working families and funded projects in construction and weatherization. Even so, he added, the bill was an emergency act meant to provide immediate support, not to create long-term jobs.

In response to a question about climate change, Johnson reiterated that he doesn’t believe it has been proven that mankind has contributed to global warming. Feingold said he trusts the judgment of scientists who acknowledge global warming is real.

The issue of free speech arose a second time in the debate. Johnson criticized Feingold for not supporting a resolution censuring MoveOn.org for running an ad in 2007 referring to Gen. David Petraeus, then the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, as “General Betray Us.”

Feingold said MoveOn.org was entitled to its opinion, and added that the Senate had more important things to worry about than reprimanding the group.

“This is serious work we do in the Senate,” he said.

It’s clear who is right for Wisconsin and that is Senator Russ Feingold. No doubt about it. He’ll defend our rights to privacy(remember he’s the ONLY senator to vote AGAINST the Patriot Act), our right to fair and honest elections and our rights to pursue the American Dream.

WI GOP Senate candidate Ron Johnson calls shipping jobs overseas ‘creative destruction’

The man who believes shipping American jobs overseas is “great success” and that the job losses were simply a byproduct of “creative-destruction” also thinks he can so a better job serving the people of Wisconsin and the rest of America than Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI). The same Russ Feingold ranked by Washingtonian Magazine as the number one enemy of lobbyists in Washington. The same Russ Feingold that urged his colleagues to end the current congressional pay raise system, which automatically raises congressional pay annually with no public accountability.

Uppity Wisconsin has the story:

A few months ago Ron Johnson did an event at the hoity-toity Madison Club in Madison. What made the news that day was that Ron Johnson referred to free trade agreements, which have costs Wisconsin 165,000 jobs, as a “great success” and that the job losses were simply a byproduct of “creative-destruction.”

However a newly discovered video that someone has posted on Vimeo shows that, at the same event, Johnson also made some other jaw-droppers.

First he says that the millions he is spending to buy Feingold’s Senate Seat, is money well spent… an investment:

Questioner: On top of that, you’re going to invest 10 million dollars in the race… well…. I don’t if ‘invest’ is the right word, but do your neighbors think you’re crazy or what? Johnson: I think ‘invest’ is the right word and I think that’s a valid question– six months ago I would have thought I was crazy…

Then, moments later, he says that deficit spending is OK if its spent on tax cuts for the wealthy:

Questioner: OK, you didn’t like the stimulus plan… what would be your alternative Johnson: No, no I’m absolutely opposed to that… Questioner: What’s your alternative for helping the economy? Johnson: As someone that’s been in business for 31 years, I recognize where jobs are created and that’s the private sector…. the solution would have been, in an emergency situation, I’m not totally opposed to some deficit spending if it had been prioritized at real prioritized infrastructure projects and targeted tax cuts that would actually create demand for products and actually puts money in the pockets of business people so they could invest in plant equipment and actually hire people.

Then, later, he’s asked about the economy in his hometown of Oshkosh and Johnson says:

We’ve had phenomenal success with Oshkosh Corporation responding to a need of our U.S. Military in terms of secure trucks and they’ve responded to that with, what I would say, is an engineering marvel as well as a managerial marvel to get those contracts, so I would say in Oshkosh we’re doing pretty well.

In other words, Johnson is saying that the Oshkosh has been weathering the recent economic recession largely through help of… government spending in the form of a big defense contract for a local defense contractor.

But, even with the help of the big defense contract for the Oshkosh Corporation, people in the Oshkosh area are still struggling (largely because of ‘creative destruction’ jobs lost to cheap overseas labor) and it was ridiculous for Johnson to say they’re “doing pretty well.”

All in all, though, the main thing this video shows is the unbelievable duplicity of Johnson’s campaign– the same campaign that had an ad up for weeks calling deficit spending “intergenerational theft.” But, I guess “intergenerational theft” is ok if the money “goes in the pockets of business people.”

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