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John Stewart Nails Sean Hannity for His Fictional Reporting

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann held an anti-health-care-reform rally on the steps of the Capitol last week although she and other GOP members of congress wanted to call it a press conference and act as if this many concerned citizens just happened to use their own hard earned money to travel to D.C. to hear them speak. Bachman estimated that at least 20,000-45,000 people attended the event, while the Washington Post reported it was actually more like 10,000.

As expected the mainstream media reported on the event and gave the politicians their free air time to rail against the very government they belong to. One particular television personality thought he needed to put his own spin on the event, no matter how dishonest. Who might that personality be? None other than Sean Hannity. He and his show not only inflated the number in attendance with their words, but actually used footage from a heavily-attended protest this summer to make this health care rally appear more popular. Hannity even pointed out that this was a huge crowd for a Thursday, when the protest footage they used was from a Saturday.

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And just as we might also expect one up and coming journalist Jon Stewart and his team caught the falsehood Hannity and team were running and ran with it. Stewart pointed out neither the color of the leaves nor sky in the tacked-on video match that of the actual footage of last weeks event. Stewart and team of course went on to mock Fox by adding more video to the interview, this time from Woodstock and the movie “300” which is well deserved.

Unfortunately it isn’t the first time Hannity has pulled a stunt like this and sadly it certainly won’t be the last time he attempts to create the news he’d really like to report.


Michelle Bachmann is so smart she should be President

So when it comes to the Health Care debate, what is it that keeps costs down?

Is it less competition?

Is it less regulation?

How about no regulation? Yeah that’s it.

Why didn’t the President think of this idea?

I never realized just how smart Ms. Bachmann is but boy she’s got it all figured out.

At least that’s how it appeared during the question and answer portion of the Family Research Council conference in Washington, DC.

She told the audience that fewer mandates – or regulations – on insurance companies would result in greater competition.

Because removing fewer mandates would mean:

  • Insurance companies could deny coverage for any “pre-existing condition” – including acne, surviving domestic violence, or cesarean sections.
  • Insurance companies could rescind coverage for policyholders who have always paid their premiums based on ridiculous claims of fraudulent application answers.
  • Insurance company executives would continue to rake in the profits while premiums for every day Americans skyrocket.
  • Really Michelle, this would be better for Americans?

    Republicans to Slit their Wrist in Oposition to Healthcare

    mbachmanRep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) has finally found a way for the GOP to compromise on healthcare. It’s about time and Michelle deserves credit for coming up with the brilliant idea for the GOP to solve the Healthcare crisis.

    What is Michelle’s brilliant idea?

    “This cannot pass. What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass.”

    We have to give Michelle credit as this is the most brilliant thing to come out of a Repulican’s mouth in over 8 years. Please Michelle get busy working on the resolution to get this introduced before Congress. Time’s a wasting girl, gotta get this ready before your vacation is over. Please, we’re counting on you.

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