WI Seniors Think Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Medicare Plan is Nuts

“That guys nuts. He is crazy. They’re nuts. He’s a multi-millionaire and he doesn’t give a damn about us.”


2 responses to “WI Seniors Think Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) Medicare Plan is Nuts

  • James Garrett

    What’s truly nuts is the old folks continuously expecting the younger people to pay for their healthcare. Haven’t they noticed the trillion-dollar deficits yet? Most of this is from there higher healthcare cost that grows at twice the rate of the economy. Hers is some of the stats people over age 55 hold 75% of the wealth of the country they number about 45 million people of a population of 308 million. Then we have the younger people who only control 25% of the wealth paying for the old farts heath care. These younger folks are trying to raise children and are paying taxes to pay for the old farts heath care along with trying to provide for their children, so how is that fair? Then they old farts complain when they have to pay a few extra dollars for their part of the medical expenses.

    Government money doest really come from the heavens or fall out of the sky. When the government is printing or digitizing the money as they are , the currency will experiance a severe devaluation and that’s just another form of tax that no one will escape. The old folks wont want to pay for that either but there is no escape from inflation.

  • brenda veach

    The old farts paid in their social security tax for 30 years or more and had the money stolen by the government to finance war after war instead of taxing the rich or corporations. Tax is a republican NO, but stealing retirement from seniors is socially acceptable. Give oil companies money, but STEAL from seniors. The repugs aren’t socially acceptable or responsible. LIARS and THIEVES.

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