Democrats, Republicans & Independents form political coalition

The group says it hopes to have an impact on the 2012 presidential vote.

The founders of the organisation claim No Labels is not a third political party but rather a home for those in the US who have felt homeless amid the recent growth of both liberal groups and the Tea Party movement.

Republican officials who were defeated in November’s mid-term elections, such as Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Delaware Representative Mike Castle, were also in attendance at the inaugural meeting on Monday.

“We’re for anybody who’s disruptive of the current system,” Republican political consultant and No Labels founder Mark McKinnon told the BBC.

“It’s highly possible that we’ll support moderate progressive candidates in the Republican Party, moderate progressive candidates in the Democratic Party or independent candidates,” he said, adding that the group would “support anybody and everybody who’s willing to work with the other side”.

More from the BBC here


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