Rep Mike Pence thinks voters want the GOP to put the need’s of America’s wealthiest before all else

This guy truly is disgusting. Laughing when asked if the GOP would be willing to compromise with a tax hike on those making over 1 million a year in order to extend unemployment benefits. Nope, not gonna do it. That’s not what the voters wanted. They voted for us because they wanted us to hear loud and clear they don’t want us to do anything that lessens their burdens. Nope they voted for us because they want us to know the top 2% in this country come first.

More likely the GOP knows now thanks to the disastrous Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations to fund political campaigns, that if they don’t serve ONLY the needs of the wealthy the wealthy will ‘Teabag’ them with whatever bum they can pay off to run against them and they’ll fund them in ways the GOP can’t compete with. So gotta keep that 2% happy so I can keep my place in Washington where all the perks are there for the taking and none of work is in the making.

Maybe someone should e-mail a link to this article to Mr. Pence. Looks like voters are already having a change of heart when they’re actually faced with facts.

That many Americans don’t pay attention when they decide how to vote is being borne out by the post Nov. 2 polling and interviews with voters.

For instance, a Bloomberg poll found that two-thirds of voters believe that their taxes had gone up under Obama and the Democrats, that the economy has shrunk and all that TARP money to bail out the banks is lost, never to be recovered. Further, most believe that the new health care law will increase the deficit and that illegal immigration is multiplying.

The truth, of course, is that 95 percent of Americans have had their taxes cut by about $400 a year under Obama’s stimulus program. The economy has been growing for five straight quarters and the banks have repaid most of the TARP funds they received. The government will actually wind up with a small profit. Even the beleaguered auto industry is paying its money back. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the health care law will actually lower the deficit within a few years and, if anyone bothered to check, the number of illegal immigrants this year is about a million fewer than in previous years.

A majority of senior citizens voted for Republicans even though it’s the party with the agenda to privatize Social Security and drastically alter Medicare.

What’s obvious is that the Republicans, led by talk radio bashers like Rush Limbaugh and “fair and balanced” Fox News, along with an expensive and relentless television ad campaign, did a fantastic job of convincing Americans that up was down and down was up. Meanwhile, the Democrats did a miserable job of telling the real story.

That master of propaganda, Nazi Joseph Goebbels, would have been proud. The GOP and its allies succeeded in creating a throw-the-bums-out angry electorate, most of which didn’t care to look deeper. As one wag put it, “We’re so angry that we’re going to throw the bums in.”

It will be interesting to see just how that works out.

The dilema of so many Americans doesn’t matter to the GOP. Not one bit and Mike is more than happy to tell you so. The jokes on you America.


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