Sarah Palin bankrupts campaign with demands for private jets and hotel suites

Once upon a time good old fiscal conservative and mama grizzly travel to Georgia to endorse and campaign for the woman seeking to be the GOP candidate for Georgia’s next Governor. Well that woman Karen Handel lost her bid to be the state’s GOP nominee, but the race wasn’t all she lost.

While there was speculation from the very beginning if an endorsement from Sarah Palin would help or hurt the candidate, Palin came to Georgia anyway.

What Karen Handel’s supporters didn’t realize at the time was the good money they donated to her campaign would be used to put Sarah Palin and her family in luxury hotel suites and cruising around in private jets funded by their donations.

Certainly neither Karen or her supporters realized at the time that not only would Mrs. Palin’s visit to Georgia not provide the boost her campaign needed but that it would also bleed that campaign dry. But that is exactly what happened and Handel is said to now be $28,000 in the whole thanks to Sarah Palin.

From the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Karen Handel, the former secretary of state whom Deal beat in the Aug. 10 Republican runoff, spent more than $100,000 to bring Sarah Palin to town to campaign on her behalf.

But it came at a high cost. Handel’s campaign spent more than $100,000 for the visit by Palin, the former governor of Alaska and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate.

Handel’s campaign paid an Ohio jet charter service nearly $92,000 and her latest campaign finance report shows it was for the Palin event. Handel also paid an additional $13,000 in expenses to the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead for the event.

Handel’s quarterly report shows her campaign committee to be $28,000 in debt, with another $55,000 in outstanding expenses.


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