Liar Liar Alaskan GOP Candidate Joe Miller’s Pants are on Fire

It’s bad enough Joe Miller has been is arrogant enough to post on Twitter things like needing to buy furniture for his new senate office, as if he has already won the job of Senator from Alaska but now we find out even more about Joe. Seems he has as questionable a record as that of former Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin and the other less than truthful candidates Mrs. Palin has endorsed.

From The AP:

Statements from Miller’s Twitter feed late Wednesday, when he was in Washington, D.C. fundraising, said he thinks he’ll “do some house hunting.” He also says he figures he should pick out office furniture and expressed appreciation for the welcome he’d received – including from those he called future colleagues.The campaign of U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski labeled this “hubris.” The tweets later disappeared. Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto said Thursday that they came from a volunteer who will no longer have access to the account. DeSoto said the tweets were deleted because the campaign considered them inappropriate.

Turns out that Joe isn’t just arrogant but seems he has a sketchy memory and trouble meeting deadlines as well. Joe could learn a thing or two about the Internet too, like once it is out there someone is going to make a copy.

For someone who thinks they’ve already been anointed with the title of Senator before the ballots have even been cast, you would think good ol’ Joe Miller would have followed the rules of the game.

From Think Progress:

Sarah Palin-backed Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller (R-AK), who defeated incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in the primary in August, skyrocketed to power partially by demanding more transparency and ethics in Washington. In his 12-point campaign promise, Miller says he will “end czar layer of government” that “clouds transparency in government.” Miller’s campaign endorsement page features Alaskans praising him for having higher ethics and a greater commitment to transparency.

However, ThinkProgress contacted the Senate Ethics Committee and the Senate Office of Public Records yesterday and discovered that Miller has not filed a personal finance disclosure as a candidate for the U.S. Senate, as required by law. According to Title I of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 and Senate Rule 41.1, candidates for U.S. Senate must file a disclosure form within 30 days of raising or spending $5,000. According to the Federal Elections Committee, Miller raised well over $5,000 as early as April of this year. Asked again today by ThinkProgress if Miller has filed his personal finance disclosure, or has contacted the Senate Office of Public Records with any request for an extension to file, a staffer with the Office responded:

“We haven’t received anything from him. He hasn’t sent us anything.”

According to law, “failure to file or report information required to be reported by section 102 of the Act may subject” Miller — a Yale Law School graduate — to a “civil penalty of not more than $50,000 and to disciplinary action by the Select Committee on Ethics and/or any other appropriate authority.” As of today, Miller is at least five months late with his disclosures.

Say it aint so Joe! For someone claiming higher ethnic standards and a commitment to transparency you’d thikn he’d actually behave ethically and file the necessary financial disclosure. Could it be that Joe doesn’t want us to know something about his finances? Or maybe where the money being filtered into his campaign is coming from?

Could this be what Joe Miller doesn’t want anyone else to see?

Lately, a lot of Alaskans have been in an uproar over Joe Miller fudging his finances in order to obtain indigent hunting and fishing permits for himself and his wife in 1995. Of course, your Legal Eagle is also upset that Joe the moose-poaching divorce lawyer either flat-out lied about his income to get a $5 hunting and fishing permit, OR that he was seriously disingenuous in his application.

Even if Mr. Miller complied with the letter of the law, he certainly did not comply with the spirit of it. I am also very curious as to how la familia Miller was able to qualify for a $92,000 mortgage in 1994, which is the same year that the Millers reported an income of less than $8,200.00 in order to get indigent hunting and fishing permits. The cost of these indigent permits? $5. For residents who didn’t meet the income guidelines, the cost was $55. For non-residents, the cost was $300.

However, I see a more serious issue, and one that is both a clear and obvious violation of the law. Joe Miller was not a resident of the State of Alaska when he applied for and received an indigent resident hunting permit. Let me break it down for you, Mudpuppies…

In Alaska, we take fish and game very seriously. In fact, we take it so seriously that we put it right in the Constitution:

“Wherever occurring in their natural state, fish, wildlife, and waters are reserved to the people for common use.” Article VII, Section 3, Alaska Constitution.

This makes Joe Miller’s actions all the more egregious.

Joe Miller’s first lie? Residency status (cost savings: $245). Joe Miller’s second lie? Income (cost savings: $50). Is this how Joe intends to balance the budget, by lying and cheating? He’s quite the fiscal conservative!

But Joe Miller’s campaign responded to the questions about his income and the licenses and were told this:

Miller campaign spokesman Randy Desoto said the family met the guidelines for the 1995 licenses. He said Miller had been a full-time law student at Yale on a merit scholarship the previous years and his wife was taking care of their children, with family expenses paid through loans.

But the Alaskan website Mudflats was able to confirm today that Joe Miller’s claims of attending Yale on a merit scholarship doesn’t quite pass the smell test either.

No word about how he managed to zip back and forth from Anchorage to New Haven, Connecticut while earning less than $8200 that year. But, we have to admit that that merit scholarship to Yale is pretty impressive. I guess they were just trying to explain that he didn’t have enough money for law school when he and his wife supposedly earned the right to apply for hunting/fishing licenses for the poor. Yale actually recognized the young man’s brilliance and potential and offered to pay for his law school education. Wow.

Only one problem.

Yale Law School does not offer merit-based scholarships.

Jan Conroy at Yale verified that this morning on the phone with Shannyn Moore, and also noted, “We live in interesting times.” Indeed.

No word yet from Joe but certainly all of these things are just an accident right? Oh wait, I know it isn’t by accident at all, Joe will just tell us it’s the lamestream media and we should just ignore the truth about his record, right?


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