The Govenator Arnold Schwarzenegger VS. Big Oil. Brilliant!

Must see TV. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger calls out big oil, tea party financiers and the corporate money being thrown around his state in an attempt to thwart Proposition 23 in California.

From Climate Progress:

Texas oil companies have taken advantage of California’s quirky initiative system to place Proposition 23 on the ballot. This proposition has one purpose: to undo California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (also known as Assembly Bill 32, or “A.B. 32”), which stands as a landmark piece of bipartisan clean energy legislation and is a model for federal action. A.B. 32 has catalyzed billions of dollars in private sector investment in clean energy in the state—creating jobs, businesses, and new technologies that are leading the nation toward a cleaner energy future.

“Oil Companies Like Velero and Tesero and Frontier and Koch Industries are blatantly trying to manipulate the will of the people and the public good.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Watch the whole clip for more from the Govenator on these companies and their tactics. Millions of dollars tossed around like pocket change while Americans continue to struggle.


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