Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin spotted fleeing reporters in Kentucky

Sarah Palin is repeatedly known for accusing the media of always reporting false things about her. She regularly attacks the media for distorting her remarks, tweets, facebook posts, etc. So it’s no surprise that Sarah is caught on tape running from reporters once she realizes they are reporters and not fans.

On Thursday, September 16, after she gave a speech at a lavish fundraiser for Rand Paul in Louisville, Kentucky, she missed the perfect opportunity to actually speak to the media she so frequently attacks. Shortly after the speech was over Sarah and Paul’s handlers descended down a staircase only to find two reporters waiting on the ground floor since they were not allowed to attend the event. No press means no truth you see. As soon as Paul’s assistant campaign manager spots the two reporters she warns Palin who books it right back up the steps as quickly as she can.

So much for being a Mama Grizzly huh Sarah?

From Barefoot and Progressive:

“At the Crown Plaza Rand/Palin fundraiser, no media was allowed inside, so various Louisville media were milling around outside hoping to get a quote from anybody as they arrived or left. Andy Barr and Phil Moffett showed up, but the person most in style was David Williams, carrying a beautiful purse with him. It wasn’t even a murse, a real purse. After the event, Sarah Palin walked down the stairs directly into the gathering of librul gotcha media. And then this happened (clip).

Abort, abort! The look on Joe Gerth’s face is rather priceless. Also, I didn’t recognize her at the time because she wasn’t buck ass nekid wrapped in a Gadsden flag, but that’s Rand Paul’s assistant campaign manager Nena Bartlett (click HERE for the picture of her being wrapped naked in the flag – P.) wondering why they wouldn’t let Sarah face the demon libruls.”

To read the rest of Barefoot and Progressive’s reporting and videos of the event CLICK HERE.


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