Anthony Weiner calls out the GOP on their unwillingness to help victims of 9/11

Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) became furious at his GOP colleagues during a debate over a 9/11 victims compensation bill. The bill would have provided up to $7.4 billion in aid to people sickened by World Trade Center dust. (July 30) GOP voted against more funding for these people.

When will members of Congress start voting on behalf of the Americans that voted them into office? Is the desire to keep your party in power so important you’re willing to stop progress? Is the money that intoxicating you’re willing to watch your country go down in flames?

Don’t the victims of 9/11 or the clean up workers deserve proper treatment?

Do the American voters deserve better that what you’re willing to give?

Are we no longer important?

Now is the time for Americans to show their importance. Without us not a one of these empty souls would have their cushy jobs with benefits paid for by the very Americans they continue to oppress.

In November we must show them that we want members of Congress working for us, not the big corporations, not their pocketbooks, not for big interest, not for partisan party sake.

Time to work for us! We put you in………….we can take you out.


2 responses to “Anthony Weiner calls out the GOP on their unwillingness to help victims of 9/11

  • Leah

    We absolutely must retain our majority in congress! The republican party of today is NOT your parent’s Party. It is dictated by zealots…both Christian Dominionist & Corporatists…aligned and headed down a mutual path of self-interests and greed.

    Are we all happy with the jobs of the Dems? No. But rather than belly-ache about what the President isn’t doing, let’s focus on what he has done..and what our world would be like today were he not the victor in 2008.

    Let’s also re-visit Civics 101 in this country and truly acquaint ourselves with how this system works…then we can engage in productive dialog as to how we will change it so that it resembles the original intent…representation of the PEOPLE!

    And I will never recognize a corporation as a “person”.

    Campaign Finance Reform! Let’s get ‘er done! In the meantime, hold your nose and vote “D”…and please, please, please…VOTE!

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