CBO Health Care Reform Numbers Bring out GOP’s True Colors; Dark and Dingy

The Congressional Budget Office released their findings on the proposed Health Care Reform Bill. Their findings:
bill cuts deficit by $130 bill in first 10, $1.2 trill in second 10. Costs $940 billion in first decade.

Which means we are closer than ever to finally passing a health care reform bill in The United States.
Word is we will see a vote on the bill before the weekend is over.

As expected since this is good news for the Dems, the GOP is now flipping out. Literally. All judgement has long been thrown out the window and they’ll grasp at anything, anything to stop progress in this country. It’s their only goal now…………….stop anything that will benefit Americans because we don’t that one getting credit for anything.

Where the GOP is concerned it has never been about us, the Americans they swore to represent. It’s always been about them. Their progress, kickbacks, payoffs, perks, advantages and luxuries. Us, well we’ll just have to wait or pull ourselves up by our bootstraps since we’re just regular ol’ Americans.

The GOP’s response to the CBO report is as expected. No facts, no truth, no reality, just more spin, lies, innuendo, falsehoods and projection.

We have Glen Beck and Rep Steve King(R-IA) calling it an affront to God if the vote takes place this weekend.

“They intend to vote on the Sabbath, during Lent, to take away the liberty that we have right from God,” King said during an appearance on Beck’s radio show. That led to this little rant from Beck:

Thank you for pointing this out. I thought of this the other day because I’ve been saying, “faith, hope and charity.” Faith has been perverted, and our hope — they’re trying to sell this hope that we’ll have faith in the government, that they’ll be charitable.

And I thought, “They are going to vote for this damn thing on a Sunday, which is the Sabbath, during Lent.” You couldn’t have said it better. Here is a group of people that have so perverted our faith and our hope and our charity that — this is an affront to God. And I honestly, I don’t think anybody is like, “Yes, and now what we’ll do is we’ll vote on the Sabbath.” But I think it’s absolutely appropriate that these people are trying to put the nail in the coffin on our country on a Sunday — something our founders would have never, ever, ever done out of respect for God.

I guess I’d have to ask these two if it is an affront to God to watch people suffer or to ignore the suffering of their fellow man or to allow your neighbor to die. I’m sick of these tools kicking around like he’s their very own kickball to be be pulled out whenever they wan’t to justify an attack on their fellow citizens or their government. It’s disgusting and down right insulting and quite frankly fraudulent. Real Christians are horrified by the claims these idiots make and only further driven over the other side to avoid association with these frauds.

We have the RNC Chairman Michael Steele telling Rick Sanchez of CNN today that the CBO lies at the order of The White House.

STEELE: Can you just give me an honest number, Rick? How much do you really, legitimately think, adding, using the president’s number, 30 million people to a health care system that you just said doesn’t work is going to cost the American taxpayer? How much you think it’s really gonna? $940 billion dollars over ten years. So, you telling me an additional $940 billion dollars a year is going to make all of our problems go away?

SANCHEZ: According to the calculations that we did and according to the calculations the Democrats are announcing today, it’s going to save in the deficit for the United States citizens $1.2 trillion. Do you believe that’s not true?

STEELE: Ok, can I, I got two words for you — three words, three words.

SANCHEZ: Go, go.

STEELE: That’s a lie.

When Sanchez pointed out that Steele is “arguing with the CBO,” Steele responded by saying, “let me tell you about the CBO.” “Since they’ve been taken down to the woodshed at the White House last year, you can’t believe the numbers,” said Steele. “CBO is only as good as what you put into it.” “You’re saying the president of the United States is corrupted the CBO with a personal phone call or visit?” asked Sanchez. Steele then backtracked a bit, claiming that he was “just saying that, look, this whole process has not worked on behalf of the American people.”

They don’t even have a problem attacking an 11 year old boy who lost his Mother just two days ago over his story about her battle against cancer without health care coverage. They just use Glen Beck to do it.

Conservative talk show hosts and columnists have ridiculed an 11-year-old Washington state boy’s account of his mother’s death as a “sob story” exploited by the White House and congressional Democrats like a “kiddie shield” to defend their health care legislation.

Marcelas Owens, whose mother got sick, lost her job, lost her health insurance and died, said Thursday he’s taking the attacks from Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin in stride.

“My mother always taught me they can have their own opinion but that doesn’t mean they are right,” Owens, who lives in Seattle, said in an interview.

Owens’ grandmother, Gina, who watched her daughter die, isn’t quite so generous.

“These are adults, and he is an 11-year-old boy who lost his mother,” Gina Owens said. “They should be ashamed.”

Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., told Marcelas Owens’ story to President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden at the White House health care summit last month. Murray also has spoken about it on the Senate floor. Last week, Owens was in the nation’s capital to speak at a health care rally and to meet with Senate Democratic leadership.

Limbaugh, Beck and Malkin are skeptical about the story, saying there were other forms of medical help available after Owens’ mother, Tifanny, lost her health insurance. They lambasted Democrats for using the story.

“Now this is unseemly, exploitative, an 11-year-old boy being forced to tell his story all over just to benefit the Democrat Party and Barack Obama,” Limbaugh said on March 12, according to a transcript his show. “And, I would say this to Marcelas Owens: ‘Well, your mom would still have died, because Obamacare doesn’t kick in until 2014.'”

Beck, according to a transcript of his March 15 show, pointed out that Owens’ recent trip to Washington was paid for by Healthcare of America, a group that has been lobbying for a health care overhaul.

“That’s the George Soros-funded Obama-approved group fighting for health care,” Beck said. “Since all of the groups are so concerned and involved now, may I ask where were you when Marcelas’ mother was vomiting blood?”

Beck, who’s from Mount Vernon, Wash., said there were plenty of programs in Washington state that could have helped Tifanny Owens.

Malkin dismissed Marcelas Owens as “one of Obama’s youngest lobbyists” who has been “goaded by a left-wing activist grandmother,” promoted by Murray and has become a regular on the “pro-Obamacare circuit.”

They’ve even gone as far as creating a fake memo claiming it was created by and circulated amongst Dems trashing their own plan and the MSM bought it as expected rather than acting as real journalists.

UPDATE 3/19 5:20pm: Rep. Scott Garrett (R-N.J.) just read from the memo on the House floor. And Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) responded by ripping him and demanding his source.

“What they’re doing is producing fake memos,” he said.

“That memo that he read from has no source. He will not return to the microphone to tell us what it was because he took something that was created by the opponents of health care — and there are a whole lot of them, mostly paid for by the health insurance industry — and came to the rostrum with a fake document,” said Weiner.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) interrupted. “Parliamentary inquiry,” she yelled.

“I don’t yield for that,” said Weiner, continuing. “There is no reluctance to talk about the real CBO score: $1.2 trillion in savings for the American people. That’s the fact. That’s nothing we’re hiding from.”

“Will the gentleman yield?”

“I will yield only if the person will tell us the source of the document.”

A chaotic back-and-forth broke out until Weiner regained the floor.

“Ladies and gentlemen, what you saw just now is a microcosm for this debate: A real piece of legislation that for a year we’ve been working on and a fake document that they won’t even give a source for,” he said.

Yes, while the Dems are hard at work trying to secure a health care reform package that will not only help American families, the GOP is busy making up lies, spin and innuendo in attempt to frighten the American voter.

But, when will the GOP get it together and actually start to contribute? How long will they wait before they get to work for Americans? How long will they continue to play games with American lives?


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