First it was too long…… too short

John Boehner is in full hypocrisy mode this week in preperation for what presumably will be another embarrasing broadcast of the upcoming GOP healthcare summit with the President on Feb 25.

It seems the previous bill was just too damn long in John’s opinion. I mean really, we can’t possiby expect the same jokers that ran for these jobs, were elected to these jobs and are reaping all the perks of the job, to actually DO THE DAMN JOB should we?

C’mon Boehner has Lobbyists to entertain and checks to cash. He can’t waste him time on us and some stupid healthcare bill. Geesh, we’re so selfish.

But wait…… appears maybe some of Boehner’s time has been freed up now because he suddenly wants more to do. Seems now he has more time. His latest complaint, the latest bill offered up by The White House is now too short.

I guess if all I did was conspire against the other party, conspire against the President, conspire against other Americans and hold press conferences stating that I’m not cooperating with anyone from the other side, then I’d have lots of free time too.

I’m so glad John now has some free time because like it or not Boehner, AMERICANS NEED HEALTHCARE THAT DOESN’T BANKRUPT THEM! We’re paying four your healthcare John! How about you get your butt to work and find a way to do something for US?!


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