Rachel Maddow braves CPAC and checks out the swag

Amazingly one very civil guy asked her to autograph his flyer with a picture of Sarah Palin on the cover.

Another though made a beeline for Rachel so he could yell in her face that because they aren’t gay like her they are NORMAL PEOPLE.

She saw all kinds of interesting things. Door mats with pictures of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews so you can stomp out the liberal media.


Or you could pick up a gigantic poster of a close-up of Sarah Palin, who chose not to attend CPAC since they weren’t willing to pay her $100,000 speaking fee.

Books on the Tyranny of Liberalism and The Conservatives Guide to the Apocolypse

The John Birch Society was in full attendance and had volumes of information

Gobs of Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin photos

The American Petroluem Institute and their huge booth complete with customized M & Ms in case you needed an energy boost.

Copies of an altered Constitutions so not really the Constitution depending on which groups edits to the constitution you like.

The Oathkeepers whose members are police officers pledging to disobey laws in the name of gun rights


Freestate Project was there and wants you to move to New Hampshire for the Second Revolution

T-shirts of a hip-hop rapper style President Obama hanging out with his three white girlfriends

Flyers, bumperstickers and other propoganda calling for the Apocolypse, A Revolution, Storming the Government, etc.

But the one item Rachel Maddow chose to purchase was a book called Grandma’s Not Shovel Ready which contains photos of the various racist, anti-american, violent and hateful signs displayed at anti-government and GOP rallies since Obama’s Inaguration.

Oh yeah and she also got an anti-gay America souvenier pin.

So if this is the kind of booths and propoganda being sold and distributed at this event and members of the GOP are speaking at this event, does it mean that the GOP hopefuls for 2012 also condone and agree with this anti-american, anti-government sentiment?


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