Who Will be Apolizing to John Stewart this time?

I’m starting to wonder if Fox News even cares if they appear to be honest or not. I’m almost convinced they really don’t care, but instead are completely happy being the channel of make believe. I guess as long as their viewers feel better after an hour of lies, fake footage and hate they won’t be changing formats anytime soon.

At least not until a Republican is back in the White House anyway. Then they’ll have nothing but positive and glowing reports on how their country is thriving.

Last week John Stewart (well not just John but he has a tv show) noticed that Sean Hannity was using footage from Glenn Beck’s 9/12 protest as the footage for the Michele Bachmann disaster rally which they of course helped promote with Dick Armey providing the teabaggers with free transportation to D.C.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Are they at it again? Maybe so.

The footage they keep showing on the television claiming it’s the crowds showing up to book signing’s on Sarah Palin’s book tour but it certainly looks like footage from McCain/Campaign rallies.


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