Sarah Palin and Harper Collins attempt to silence Bloggers

Over the last few days several websites and blog have received scanned pages of Sarah Palin’s soon to be released autobiography to their sites. So they’ve posted the pages and excerpts they’ve received to their sites.

And Sarah has reacted. But only to a few, one a local Alaskan blogger that Sarah is quite familiar with.

Several sites have posted scanned pages from the book, but originally only one little blog, which is run by someone in France was first contacted and asked to remove the pages from their site. Interesting though that this blog called itself Palingates with links to articles, documents, quote, photos and much more on subjects like Babygate, Troopergate, Dairygate, Housegate and has quite and extensive list of other gates they seem to have researched quite thoroughly. It appears Babygate has been quite the focus of late and it’s apparent that Sarah Palin has followed this blog for a long time. I guess if I were Sarah I’d be quite concerned about their thorough research too.

A little later the Alaskan blogger was sent the same e-mail.

So today on a Sunday afternoon an attorney for Harper Collins, the publisher releasing Palin’s book on Tuesday sent the following e-mail to the blog Palingates.

I act as legal counsel to HarperCollins Publishers. I have just learned that you have posted a substantial excerpt from our as yet unpublished book, Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin, on your web site. We view your posting of this excerpt as an infringement of our and Governor Palin’s exclusive rights under copyright. Accordingly, we demand that you remove it from your web site.

Christopher Goff
Senior Vice President & General Counsel HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street New York, NY 10022
Voice: 212 207 7127
Fax: 212 207 7552

The scanned pages were removed, but Palingates also contacted other bloggers and news sites that were also posting the scanned pages or providing excerpts and none had received the same cease and desist request.

Wonkette” has posted three full pages of the book. They even have a second post up regarding the strange harrassment of Palingates.

The “Drudge Report” has posted the content of three full pages.

On many other websites, the content of the book was discussed and extensive parts have already been published – did they all receive a letter, too?

Only one other site contacted with regard to discussing the excerpts or posting the pages.
Alaskan Blogger Celtic Diva . It might be interesting to note that the Celtic Diva is a former state employee, although not during Palin’s time. She’s very good at reading all the official documents like travel expenses, financial disclosures, ethics laws, etc. and has been on Palin’s case quite deservedly.

She has a great post on the inconsistencies of Palin’s recent financial disclosure (what she found will make your head spin), filed an ethics complaint against Palin regarding her profiting from her husband’s Artic Cat sponsorship while in the official capacity of Governor. She is still waiting on the e-mails she requested under the FOIA act, which she has been waiting over a year to receive after citizens from around the country donated the

Whatever the reason is that only these two blogs have gotten under their skin, it’s getting more attention than they probably hoped or expected.

The Daily Dish is linking to Palingates. Does Andrew Sullivan read Palingates?

Maybe Sarah and Harper Collins should have ignored this?


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