Liz Cheney Campaigning to Re-Elect Barack Obama

Liz Cheney made the rounds this morning showing her support for the re-election of President Barack Obama in 2012.

After all she says that whoever runs in 2012 will need to:

“…address these incredibly grave challenges we’re facing as a nation. They’re going to … in my view, they will have to undo a lot of the damage that this president has done to our national security, to our economy, to our health care system, to our standing around the world…”

She must have still been thiking GW was President.

She also feels Sarah Palin is a serious candidate for president and that her book is a fabulous and “well-written” book. Says it would be nothing short of sexist for someone to not think she’s a contender.

But she ends her remarks with the greatest of support for President Obama…………

Liz Cheney says you can look at the comparison between Dick Cheney and Barack Obama and think,
“Cheney 2012”.

I’m sure President Obama thanks your for the support and your attempts to keep him right where he is.


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