Audio of Sarah Palin at Milwaukee Right to Life Event

OneWisconsinNow attended Sarah Palin’s recent speech at the Milwaukee Right to Life fundraiser. Even though the event was closed to the press and attendees that paid $30 a pop to get in were restricted from bringing in the items like cell phones, cameras or other recording devices, strollers and the like and all had to pass through the Palin metal detector before they could enter.

OneWisconsinNow had this to say about the event and their audio recording………..

Friday, November 6, Sarah Palin came to Milwaukee for a ticket-only Wisconsin Right to Life fundraiser.

In order to prevent the media from doing its job, cameras, recording devices and cell phones were barred from the event. Even baby strollers.

Palin was serious. All attendees were forced to endure metal detectors before entering the hall.

With the impending vote in Congress on health insurance hours away and coverage for reproductive rights under assault, One Wisconsin Now thought it critical to learn about what the right wings most influential intellectual voice had to say about this issue.

But we learned so much more.
For the first time, audio on the greatest threat facing America, its people and democracy.

They’re working on a transcription of her remarks as we speak, which isn’t going to be an easy task considering Sarah’s famous word salad, but you’ll get the jist of talking about that sneaky gold coin conspiracy. GW must be somewhere cracking up and thanking god for Sarah Palin who does a great job of making GW sound smart.

You’ll notice from the still shot in the video there are an awful lot of old white gray-haired men concerned about the babies of Wisconsin and their right to Life.

Yeah, right!


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