Limbaugh and Other Wingnuts Get Punked

This video is proof of what Fox News and the entertainers working that channel have always said. Fox News is not only fair and balanced but of course always factual. They verify the news before they report it, just like they said. Now we have actual proof to their claims. They just happen to get all their news from place like The Onion a fine news source indeed.

Right-wing media figures trumpeted a blogger’s fake report that in a college thesis — which the post’s author claimed was obtained by Time’s Joe Klein — President Obama attacked the Founders and the Constitution. Lou Dobbs ran with the claim even after Klein had denied the story, Michael Ledeen had apologized for having repeated it, and Rush Limbaugh had acknowledged that it might not be accurate.

But boy did they run with it and once they ran with it, the story spread on anti-Obama and other right wing nuttery websites as fact. They had proof and everything.

punkdSomewhere Ashton Kucher is smiling and enjoying the irony of this punking and wishing it had been his idea, but enjoying it all the same.


One response to “Limbaugh and Other Wingnuts Get Punked

  • Whateva

    What a self important man. He’s just terrible all the way around. No values, no morals, no decencey and is paid millions and given a voice to share is brand of hate. Only in the good old US of A.

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