Community Service is the New Communist Evil

The President of The United States would like more Americans to volunteer more. The President wants citizens to become more civic minded and spend more time doing things to help their communities. Some in Hollywood are even encouraging Americans to become more active in their communities. For example The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), a Hollywood charitable organization, has helped to organize a push in the television industry to encourage volunteerism among the citizenry. Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort will launch a new marketing campaign for 2010 called “Give a Day, Get a Disney Day.” offering a free ticket to if you give just one day out of your life to doing something positive for your community.

Encouraging Americans to become more active in their communities and give more of themselves for the sake of giving…………..seems like a good idea, huh?

Well, a good idea unless you’re Glenn Beck and you need to come up with another outlandish crazy statement to keep your name in the news. Wouldn’t want to lose any face time to Hannity or Limbaugh now would we? As much as I’d like to see Glenn Beck’s head explode on live television I don’t think this idiot really believes a crazy word he says, it’s just about keeping up with the other ‘top’ conservative entertainers.

Celebrities are coming together to make it cool to volunteer. Disney gives you a free day at the park. This is all fine, but doesn’t it seem a little bit convenient that all of this comes out now at the same time the Obama administration is calling for it? Obama controls the message through the media he holds in his pocket. Or in his little hand. And soon if you disobey, he’ll just go [Beck slaps his hand]. Now the message will be embedded in television shows. Isn’t this great? Aren’t you proud of what we’re doing? Oh, this certainly is change.

Yep, that’s right……………… volunteer in your community……… just might be a communist.


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