Michelle Bachmann is so smart she should be President

So when it comes to the Health Care debate, what is it that keeps costs down?

Is it less competition?

Is it less regulation?

How about no regulation? Yeah that’s it.

Why didn’t the President think of this idea?

I never realized just how smart Ms. Bachmann is but boy she’s got it all figured out.

At least that’s how it appeared during the question and answer portion of the Family Research Council conference in Washington, DC.

She told the audience that fewer mandates – or regulations – on insurance companies would result in greater competition.

Because removing fewer mandates would mean:

  • Insurance companies could deny coverage for any “pre-existing condition” – including acne, surviving domestic violence, or cesarean sections.
  • Insurance companies could rescind coverage for policyholders who have always paid their premiums based on ridiculous claims of fraudulent application answers.
  • Insurance company executives would continue to rake in the profits while premiums for every day Americans skyrocket.
  • Really Michelle, this would be better for Americans?


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