Glenn Beck More Confused Than Ever

Glenn Beck seems to suddenly be experiencing a case of push me-pull me. Seems now suddenly Glenn actually wants us to believe what he says even when he doesn’t. No matter to Glenn as long as he still has a show and still has a format. Just as his crony Limbaugh all Beck knows and cares about is that he’s found an audience willing to not only listen to his constant made up drivel but also willing to follow his advice.

So what should we make of his latest remarks in an interview with Katie Couric?

Obama is better for the country than McCain?

McCain is a weird kind of progressive?

So does this mean Glenn is now a socialist?

Or is he a fascist?

Or wait, maybe a communist Nazi?

After all he is saying he believes not only is Obama better for the country, but he would have voted for Hillary Clinton if she would have been the Democratic nominee?

Did Glenn lose his meds?

Did someone cancel his health insurance?

Or maybe just cancelling their advertising on his show?


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