The Audacity of Congressmen Joe Wilson

So we certainly remember the President’s speech last Wednesday on the Health Care Debate right? And of course those of us that actually watched the speech certainly remember Congressmen Joe Wilson (R-SC) yelling You Lie! at the President in the middle of his stating that this healthcare plan will not cover illegal immigrants.

Now the majority of folks feel what Wilson did was not only disrespectful but also most likely a planned event which most of his Republican cronies were aware was coming at some point during the speech. I’m sure it made most of them feel so giddy and like they had one upped the President and Dems, but in reality it just solidifies what most of us are coming to terms with. Republicans just flat out refuse to work with the President, meaning they also refuse to get to work for Americans. Now for some it’s just party, but for others it’s jealousy and for others just flat out racism. Yes, Americans some in Congress are racists and bigots. I know it’s hard to believe since these folks spent their time, money and energy trying to get you to send them to D.C. so they could work for you.

Well, it’s just not to be folks. They don’t want to work for you or with you. Now that President Obama is in office they’ve decided they only thing worth working for is trying to take him down, while taking the rest of us with them.

Voters who were not only stunned but offended at Joe Wilson’s behavior towards the sitting President of The United States. Many quickly rallied behind the Democratic opponent running against Joe Wilson in the next election. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents and even Republicans have donated over $1.5 million to former Marine Rob Miller in hopes that he will now defeat the racist Congressmen Joe Wilson.

Wilson’s stated reason for his outburst? He had just come from a town hall. “People were passionate. I had what one of my sons said was a ‘town hall moment.’”

Town hall behavior indeed.

We are now seeing what we might expect to see in a nation obsessed with what Obama calls “the loudest, shrillest voices.”

Joe Wilson

Joe Wilson

In America today, being in Congress means not just promoting one piece of legislation versus another or even one view of government versus another. It is good versus evil, a zero-sum game where for one side to win, the other must lose — and not just lose but be vanquished, crushed, decimated and devastated.

You can read candidate Rob Miller’s Thanks A Million Post here.


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