Sarah Palin’s Ghostwriter Didn’t Vet Sarah Either

Once again it seems Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter still doesn’t get it.

First, someone should tell this writer that if they are going to convince the general public that this is Palin doing the ‘talking’ if you will, then it should least sound even a wee bit like Sarah. It might be a good idea to actually vet some of Palin’s own thoughts, statements and actions from the past too. Oh I know McCain didn’t vet her, so why should you when all you’re doing is pretending to be her, but you might be a little more convincing if one, you sounded like Sarah and two if Sarah didn’t seem to contradict herself so much. sp_scaryI mean I know we’re used to it by now and that she never says the same thing twice, but really, you’re getting pretty lazy now. So here for a second time in just a months time we have a ghostwriter attempting to make Sarah look smart and informed on the issue of health care using GOP talking points passed off as Sarah’s own thoughts and ideas. Come on!

I was for Death Panels before I was against them. Kind of like the bridge she was for until McCain’s campaign staff told her she was against it.

I mean seriously, we haven’t seen Palin since she walked off the stage and jumped into a waiting SUV at her quitter picnic in Fairbanks. Such a hasty exit she didn’t even stick around and wait for Todd or Trig. Yet we’re supposed to believe that in less than two months time she’s not only learned how to speak properly but now is informed on the issues of health care let alone common sense?

Come on ghostwriter, what do you take us for?
“Mr. Obama” says that everything will be swell, but we know it won’t. Common sense should tell you that anything run by the government won’t work, and that they are not telling you the truth because they always lie.

The only thing remotely ‘Sarah’ in this statement is the lack of respect shown in referring The President of The United States as Mr. Obama. Yet, she who needs no title can’t stop referring to herself (I mean the ghostwriter) as Governor Palin.

I think Mr. or Ms. Ghostwriter underestimates our common sense or the power of the internet and time. I mean really you think anyone buys this

We often hear such overblown promises from Washington. With first principles in mind and with the facts in hand, tell them that this time we’re not buying it.

from the very woman who so desperately wanted to be the next President Vice President of the United States?


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