While it’s good enough for them, it’s just not good enough for you

Ya know how many members of the GOP in the Senate and Congress have been telling us that government run healthcare is nothing more than socialized medicine that will force costs to be out of control? Ya know, you don’t want no stinking healthcare from the government. It’s already awful, it will just get worse.

Well seems that’s only the case for all of us. But, if we were members of the Senate or Congress then it would be A-OK to have this type of healthcare. Heck, in fact it really is good care. Just ask those same members of the GOP how well it’s working for them.

You see even though they’re telling you one thing, they have absolutely no problem doing another. I know, you’re shocked to find out that what they say is not what they do and vice versa, but hey don’t be. They work hard ya know. They deserve to have their healthcare paid for by Americans, since they are working hard for those Americans after all.

Just how good is that socialized government healthcare? Well courtesy of let’s ask these fellas shall we?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who warned in July 2009 that “a government takeover of health care” would “take away the care that people already have [and] are perfectly satisfied with.” In its place, the senator said, would be “a system in which care and treatment will be either delayed or denied.” But what he doesn’t tell you that in 2003, McConnell actually went to one of those government-run institutions for a procedure of his own. The Kentucky Republican traveled to the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, to have an elective coronary artery bypass surgery after it had been revealed that he had arterial blockages.

Also known as Bethesda Naval Hospital, the National Naval Medical Center is the premier branch of the US Navy’s system of medical centers. Yes that’s right the government runs this hospital. It’s also the place where elected officials of all ideological stripes and political branches often go get surgery performed. Indeed, members of Congress pay an annual fee for the privilege of getting treatment at Bethesda Naval Hospital or, for that matter, Walter Reed Army Medical Center. It is, as longtime Democrat Martin Frost wrote for Politico, “like belonging to an HMO.” Only, in these cases, the surgery is conducted at a public facility.

Yes these very officials who have no problem taking advantage of this congressional perks are the same ones now against what they call the intrusiveness and inefficiencies of a health care system with greater government involvement.

Former Presidential candidate Senator John McCain, (R-Ariz.) recently applauded the town hall protesters who were, in his words, revolting “against a government-run health system.” That was August 2009. In May of 2000, McCain had surgery at the Bethesda Naval Hospital to remove a potentially lethal melanoma from his left temple.

So who else has been cashing in on the congressional perks?

How about Senator Kit Bond (R-Mo.), who warned of the rationing of care, expensive costs, and reduced quality that would come under a government-run health care plan. In April 2003, however, he traveled to Bethesda Naval Hospital to undergo hip replacement surgery in an attempt to alleviate degenerative arthritis in his left hip.

Or Senator George Voinovich, (R-Ohio), who has declared that a “bureaucratic Washington-run government plan is not the answer” to the nation’s health care needs. In June 2003, the Ohio Republican (who is retiring from the Senate in 2010) went to Bethesda Naval Hospital to have a pacemaker installed.

But, who’s the biggest hypocrit of the bunch? How about Rep. Roy Blunt, (R-Mo.) who compared government-run health care to an elephant, stomping on and killing off the mice of the private insurance industry. Blunt himself has had two procedures done at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The first came in July 2002, when he underwent surgery to remove his left kidney. The second came a year later, when he underwent prostate surgery after being diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer.

So, that’s it folks. While it may be well and good for the GOP to receive government run ‘socialized’ healthcare when they need treatment, they can’t let you fall into the same trap. They are trying to protect you and your families from such an awful system. It would be far better for your family to go without and risk losing everything you have if one of you gets sick or loses your coverage than to allow that nasty old mean government to provide a solution much like the one available to those congressional members working so hard to protect you.

Whew…………….don’t you feel better knowing these men are on the case and have our best interests in mind. I sure know I feel much better having them out there working hard.


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