Watch your back if you ever travel through Idaho folks

Yes folks, racism is alive and well in Idaho. Hate the President well then Idaho’s the place for you. So are we to assume race baiting, hatred and violent rhetoric is all you need to get elected in Idaho these days? According to Rammel himself it’s been a real boon to his campaign. He even thinks that this his off color hateful ‘joke’ as he labeled it will push him over the top right to the Governor’s mansion.

Let’s hope the majority of Idaho rejects this racist tool.

“This country needs to lighten up,” the GOP gubernatorial candidate said during a press conference in a Boise park Tuesday.

Last week, a GOP rally attendee shouted a question about “Obama tags” during discussion of Idaho’s upcoming wolf hunt, where hunters must purchase an $11.50 tag as a license to kill a wolf.

Rammell responded, “The Obama tags? We’d buy some of those.”

“Hopefully, if there’s people in Idaho that didn’t know me, then they’ll know me now. I think I’ll come out of this much better off,” Rammell told the Rexburg Standard Journal in eastern Idaho, where he lives.

“These GOP leaders have jumped all over it to try to ruin my run to be the governor,” Rammell said at his Tuesday press conference.flesh-4

“If people think I want to assassinate President Obama, I’ll apologize for that all day long. That is not my intention,” Rammell said. “But I will not apologize for making an innocent comment.”

So, there ya have it folks. It’s good for his career and quite frankly not his fault that he’s a biggot, it’s the medias and the GOP who need to lighten up. If the President is shot, then Mr. Rammell might apologize, but for now he’s completely happy being a racist tool.

If not, then I’d stay out of Idaho if you’re any darker than the peach colored crayon in the Crayola box.


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