Illinois keeps it classy

Is it any wonder Blagovich was elected in this state after years and years of corrupt politicians running amuck in this state?

Rep. Jan Schakowsky had a health care town hall meeting in Niles, IL on Monday Aug 31, 2009 where over 2,000 people turned up to discuss Health Care Reform.

It’s reported that there was a good variety of opinion expressed by both supporters and opponents during the 90 minute discussion on the issue. Sounds great, huh? People of differing opinions having a civil conversation about the issues right?

But, alas, too true to be true. While some participating in discussion might have been civil, seems there were some that just don’t what it means to be civil.

Rep Schakowsky’s started off the meeting with the following statement in which she said “You know, Ted Kennedy had said that this was the great issue of his life.”

The reaction from Illinois constituents? BOO! That’s right her comments regarding Kennedy’s commitment to healthcare for ALL Americans was met with Boos from the audience.

This kind of behavior certainly moves the folks of Illinois closer to changing the landscape of politics in their state.

Way to keep it classy Illinois.


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